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i'm impressed

this is definitely the best entry to this contest so far.
not too much to say, great graphics, great gameplay, good for kids and entertaining
good job

Banjax responds:

Thankyou very much :)

Not a good game...

I understand making the game online was probably a big effort but it doesn't make the gameplay or the graphics better. I admit I had some good time playing but I would've enjoyed it a lot more if it had been against bots, considering you would've put more effort on other aspects of the game.

gorgeous but..

the design was great but mouse mazes are somewhat boring.

good game

very good and original idea. the game was addicting, challenging and ran very smoothly.
the graphics were a little simplistic but decent.
overall good game

Great game!

This was an amazing game although a little too hard. Design is great and so is the gameplay.

good idea but..

the graphics need lots of improvements and the energy should be related to how much you move so you have to optimize your movements, right now you can pretty much bounce everywhere at full speed and beat the whole game. still, the whole idea is great and it's a lot better than your laser war

yrudoy responds:

Try laser war 2.

Anyway, I actually started out with your energy going down from movement too, but after trying a few times, it became way to frusterating.

I probably should have made two game modes...

Ok, thanks for the review.


not bad, it was just like luminara but not as fluid. is jmtb02 involved in any way or did you just try to copy him?

LesPaulPlayer responds:

the game really wasn't that much like luminara. I don't understand why you would accuse me of trying to copy the game, even though you have no idea who I am or how hard I worked on the game. The graphics are completely different, the gameplay is completely different, and its just not the same game.


definitely one of the most entertaining flash i've seen. it kept me looping the K for hours.

BlueHippo responds:

haha, awesome :D

try harder

this game was boring as hell, the graphics were very poor and the music was repetitive. seriously, you should find something to make it more attractive because right now it's basically just clicking buttons. i didn't play for long though but i doubt i gets really entertaining..

MrManiacMan responds:

Thanks for trying my game out!
Sorry you didn't like it, but after all there have been people that have enjoyed it.
Sincerely, MrManiacMan.


omg this was the awesomeness! this is the most technically advanced flash i've ever seen on newgrounds. it works just so well, i just believe it. i think it brings lots of possibilities to the flash community. it also brought back so many precious memories. this is definitely going to my favorites. keep up the good work.

Starburst997 responds:



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