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2012-09-18 12:55:08 by cumSum

After a hiatus of over a year, I have finally found the time to make an other flash game.

The game is called "Thimblebump's quest for Neptune", it's a fairly simple concept but very cute and original, imo.

I submitted it to the portal yesterday and it did pretty good but missed a daily award. Fortunately, I have an other one (possibly) coming out soon!

New game!

2009-09-13 18:58:17 by cumSum

Just a little heads up to let everyone know that I have submitted a cool new game to the portal this morning.

It's a pretty addictive physics game in which you have to get balls to the goal by throwing them around.


EDIT : The 'Reloaded' version is now also available!

Play the new version!


2009-06-25 15:43:41 by cumSum

I have finally released my new game Orbitz!

There is not much to say about this game other than it's probably my biggest and greatest game so far!

It is generously sponsored by, with their innovative micro-transactions system.
However, implementing their API was no easy task and had me going through A LOT of trials and errors but in the end it was well worth it.

The game features 18 levels and 5 different avatars and if you are a Whirled member it will award you with coins and trophies!

Quit reading this and go play it now!


Isora 3!

2009-05-07 17:31:57 by cumSum

I just released my latest game, Isora 3

The first two Isoras were by far my most successful games so far so I have big hopes for this one.

It has a few more tile types than the second installment, bringing the total to 12 and making it a lot more strategic. I think it's a lot harder than the first two while keeping the laid back puzzler style.
It should keep you busy for a while.

Play it here and tell me how you like it.

Isora 3!

Two new games!

2009-03-05 18:34:30 by cumSum

I just submitted two new games to the portal.

What's so special about them is that I made them both in a single weekend of having nothing better to do :)

They are both sponsored by



Check them out!

Two new games!

Crazy saudi drivers

2008-04-20 17:48:18 by cumSum

Sorry, I just had to share this.

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Isora 2

2008-01-17 14:49:30 by cumSum

Yesterday, I submitted my latest game Isora 2 to the portal. When I woke up today, it had won Daily 2nd!

I sure didn't expect that, especially as I knew both Coolio-Niato and jmtb02 had submitted amazing games on the same day.
Isora 2 was indeed a lot better than the first isora but Daily 2nd is a lot more than I hoped for.

Sooo, go play it right now if you haven't already.

Cloud Climber

2007-12-27 23:56:32 by cumSum

Check out my new game Cloud Climber. It's a pretty basic but addictive holiday themed skill game.

Cloud Climber

Check out my new game

2007-11-01 16:32:25 by cumSum


Halo 3

2007-10-06 12:32:59 by cumSum

I finally got Halo 3 and I have to tell you this game is so fucking epic. I just couldn't stop playing until I finished the fight. Not sure whether it's "the greatest game of all time" but it's definitely the one I enjoyed the most up to now.

Halo 3